Friday, January 16, 2009

~Cleaning Campaign / Majlis Hijrah

Cleaning Campaign in the morning..

cleaning the dirty storeroom..

Then at 2.00pm.. we helpred out the HEP with the MAJLIS HIJRAH FORUM..

~ MPP - Lunch at Escapade

ESCAPADE with My Friends..
a.k.a The 08/09 UBD's Mps
Hafeez, Kye, Lyni, Bazila, Shafiee (TY),Amal, Analisa and Yours truly
Yath Kraja Drg ane.. Spanking!!!
The Bitchy Yet Happy Family~
GOT MILK? Workin it..
Me and Bazila..

PMUBD Next Top Model.. haha

Menawhile.. @ the office..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MPP's Poster - Behind the scene..

MPP POSTER in the making.. haha..
Dunno When..? but it was definitely last year i think..
Behind the scene..
As Mpp we are suppose to create a poster (or organizational chart perhaps) to be posted around the university campus.. The 1st plan was to just take our pictures at the etc studio..and just edit the pictures and make it into a poster later.. but i suggested tht we should just take the pictures ourselves @ the office and make a fun day out of it..
Getting ready for an individual shoot? hahaha

Nazri getting ready to be "SHOOT"..
Amal, Me and Shaf..
While waiting our turn..
Oh since we didn't bring any tripod.. i decided to use books as a tripod.. haha
Fuad.. sharp!!! Under the spot light are we?
After a few hours of Photoshop-ing.. This is the outcome..!!

p/s 2 of the mpp's cd'nt make it tht day.. hence the empty pic.. dun worry u guys.. ur pictures will be up there soon..

1st year Anniversary of Grandpa's Passing / Football match..

Last Friday..2nd of January..
We had sedakah.. or Mkn2..
marking the 1st year anniversary of our grandfather's passing..

Times have passed by..
our lives @ home hve changed..
I'm in university now..
My lil Bro has finshed his A level..
N my Lil sis is going to the Arab School soon..
My cuz Feefah is off for her A level..
Naim is in his final year..
Lisah and Myza are in their final years of technical college..
Azil has come home..
Yes a lot have changes indeed..
Photo-ing after the event..
Oh yeah.. tht friday was a rainy day.. n the field infront of my house were "swampy - licak- or whatever u wanna call it". agianst all odd.. my lil cuz drg c ehaq, naim n others decided to play football?!! OMG.. They decided to have a match with our 2nd cuz.. drg c Waie, yussop, Azraie and Khamis.. haha BOy did they lose.. but it's ok.. it was just a friendly cuz match.. ryte?
hmmmmmm... Dirty..
Ewwww... WTH?!!

After their match.. covered in dirt..

Monday, January 5, 2009

~ New Year's Eve~

Hey There.. Happy New Year!!!
haha I know im supposed to say it on my last post..
since tht's my 1st post for 2009.. but i simply forgot.. hahaha
But anyways..
On the eve of 2009.. me, my bro and cuzs.. like most ppl
yg coulnd escape the country during tht time.. went to EMPIRE to watch the firework..
I know~ boring ryte? hahah But we still managed to have fun among ourselves..

My Brother.. My Cuz Lisah, Moi' and My Cuz Myza..
When the clock struck Midnight!!

We also ran into Belle..
@ The Beach-side Cafe.. (spammer: jan jelous ah~ some of us still loves u
but tht "some of us" ain't gnna include Moi')
Me n My Bro.. When the clock struck @ 12

Me n My otha Cuz.. (spammer.. Jgn Jelous ah.. U slut!!)
Simply Moi'
After the firework display we ran into our other cuz.. C Rai, Safwana and Dk.Sazianah.. hahaha
Oh yeah.. in tht morning 31st Dec.. Me n some of the MPPs went to PMUBD office
to try n catch up on our works.. wow... Little tht we know.. tht the works tht we were doing turned out to be "uhmmm"...
That big piece of board at the back of my table!!! haha
Just Moi'
We also did a b'day (belated) surprise 4 Shafee.. haha
waiting for us "makan2" were bit unpleasant for him pasal ia balum lunch n he was waiitng for his food at the office....
2 hours went by b4 he furiously texted evryone of us..
"Oi!! Mna kmu kn bitches?!!" haha
skali udh kmi masuk office.. with the surprise Malu2 tia.. haha :p

UiTM's Visit To UBD..

in accordance to the title posted.. yeah.. 17 ppl from UITM came
to visit our universiti from last dec's 22nd till 25th..
There were a lot of activities organized for them..
DAY 1. - Nuthing much.. just brief meeting.. bla bla

DAY2 Events..
1.Berkumpul @ the senate room chancellor hall for briefings about UBD by the admin.
Then.. later that night.. there's malam kebudayaan.. i was the one incharge..
Hmm.. It was fun.. (externally).. I wud like to sya thanks to all the clubs tht performed tht nyte..
u guys are suck a gud sport.. eventho last2 minute..
Internally the event was a disaster.. but Externally it was sweet.. hehe
Amal, Me, Asilah, Shafiee and Hafiz
With the UITMs..

Day 3. Visitations.. @ the museaus, royal regalia.. u knw all tht places where
tourists go to when they're in Brunei..

Ridzwan, Shafie, Kye and Moi'

@ the gate of the royal regalia
DAy4- Time to go home.
The last circle

@ the CLT Foyer - last activities..
The visit by the uitm's was fun.. new friends.. expereinces..
sorry tht it took me so long to update on this.. hahaa